Speak To Learn English Coaching

English coaching for progress...no stress.

Speak to Learn was established in France in 2011 by me, Dorthe Allen. I was teaching Business English to corporate professionals and university students in the Rhone Alpes region and I encountered so much anxiety about speaking in English in 'real life' situations that I decided to develop a method to help people to overcome these 'blocks', and I have been working on this with great success ever since. 


I am a certified NeuroHeart Education Coach® and qualified Teacher with a passion for developing engaging and effective language teaching, and ensuring my students achieve their goals in the best and fastest way possible.


My method is based in a firm understanding, backed up by neuorscientific research and two decades of experience, that mastering speaking and listening is key to eliminating the famous language 'blocks' that non-native speakers are constantly facing and unable to overcome alone.  


I chose the name "Speak To Learn" as it is a literal representation of my method and how you will be engaged in your learning journey to free and fluid conversations in English.   


Our courses are totally flexible and designed to suit your individual needs. There is no linear path to follow, we work with you to ensure you are developing as quickly and efficiently as possible, to help you overcome any blocks or stress about speaking English, while having fun learning about your own unique learning style at the same time.