About Speak To Learn

We offer language coaching, not language teaching. The difference between coaching and standard language teaching is enormous! Language Coaching is so effective as it stimulates the parts of your brain that control language learning and for you this means better fluency, increased confidence and no more 'blocks'. You will learn more about how you learn and think (metacognition) and will take an active mindset to determine your own goals and actions, developing motivation and commitment, and forging new pathways in your brain to facilitate faster and better language acquisition. 


We focus on speaking for a good reason! Speaking is the one language skill that is impossible to practice well on your own! You absolutely need someone to speak with to develop this skill fully.


Speaking is also the one time when we are most judgemental of ourselves and most likely to create blocks in our language learning. When we speak to others in a new language we are constantly aware of our accent, worrying about making sense, focusing on using the right grammar, choosing the best vocabulary, and hoping that we are responding correctly.  We are also busy observing our interlocutor's face for clues about whether or not they can understand us, trying to comprehend what is being said to us, and the stress of this situation can be totally debilitating! 


Coaching you through your ability to speak in English is the most enjoyable, effective and time efficient way to get you feeling completely confident in your speaking abilities. Whether you need to be fluid when speaking English for travel, work or making presentations, coaching presents you with the opportunity to rid yourself of those limiting blocks and stress that have held you back in the past.

Useful information

All coaching sessions are conducted online via webcam and you will receive a short audio feedback recording from your coach after each session, summarising the main points and next steps agreed upon.


Sessions are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes in length.


You can book simply and easily via our website on the bookings page.  Just choose your session length, a date and time, and make your payment. You will receive an email confirmation immediately.


Bookings can be made between 12 hours and 3 months in advance.

Cancellations can be made up to 12 hours before your session.